Updates for 2023-2024
  • Mobile advertising spend is projected for 18% growth from 2022-2023
  • 57% of Customers Prefer Online  Listings
Digital Marketing Statistics 2018-2019

As the Internet increasingly grows more and more popular, digital marketing and email marketing strategies continues to become more and more of the proverbial “bee’s knees.” Traditional marketing will likely continue to exist thanks to people preferring print forms of books, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, and other items to read. However, businesses will continue to pump a growing amount of money into digital marketing.

Here are some of the most important, mind-blowing, legitimately-interesting digital marketing statistics that’s hot on the market right now.

Inbound marketing is more important than you might think

For years and years – including before the invention and proliferation of the World Wide Web soon thereafter – virtually all advertisements urged customers to go buy whatever products or services were shown on-screen. Companies didn’t provide their potential customers with helpful, objectively-useful content; rather, they opted to shove boring advertising fodder down viewers’, readers’, and other consumers’ throats.

Inbound marketing has certainly become more popular in recent years, though it hasn’t gotten anywhere close to reaching its peak popularity.

Statistics indicate that some 90 percent of people searching for products online haven’t decided what brand they’re most interested in by the time they log online to search around. Companies investing in inbound marketing campaigns – or at least marketing efforts that are heavy on inbound marketing and non-direct forms of advertisements – will certainly experience upticks in rates of customers drawn in from such content.

Social media is used extremely frequently to get new hits

About 96 percent of all bloggers on today’s Internet report using social media platforms to get traffic headed towards their sites. With only 64% getting there through search engine optimization, businesses who want to succeed will begin turning towards SEO first – and only turn to social media for page hits after SEO is mastered.

As the Internet grows faster, Internet users are increasingly fed up with slow search times

Pages with high-quality pictures and videos take far longer to load than their simpler counterparts. We all know that Google lends helps to web pages that load quickly, anyway. In today’s world, how might businesses get ahead of their competitors in terms of creating quality pages without ruining load times?

Mobile Marketing Facts 2019

The average mobile page load time as expressed in seconds for the classifieds sector of the Internet is a whopping 7.9 seconds. Finance comes in second place at 8.3 seconds, business finishes in third at 8.7 seconds, real estate is 8.8 seconds, and technology rounds out the bunch in dead last – that’s eighth place – at 11.3 seconds per page.

Companies that strive to optimize their mobile page load times will undoubtedly begin to prevail over their competitors with a guest post service. Those businesses who do manage to get their average page load times to under two seconds – the two-second mark is supposed to be the mobile industry’s target – will begin to see major inflows in web traffic via mobile devices.

About four-fifths of mobile users research before they buy

What do consumers like more than advertisements? Helpful emails, articles and videos that answer their questions and help them find what they truly want – not what you want them to buy.

80 percent of mobile users do research prior to buying products right now. That rate will only increase as future months come and go. As such, inbound marketing placement on general keywords is going to become a goldmine for page hits and sales conversion rates.

Inbound marketing is truly becoming more important

Nearly two-thirds of marketers believe that the highest priority for inbound marketing concerns is building strong organic presences for search terms related to their brands and help articles.

Like the content above mentioned – inbound marketing is more important than ever before as people grow tired of traditional advertisements. Growing high search results for general search terms will boost page hits and ultimately make sales boom.

Kids are migrating to Facebook in swarms

In the past year, the percentage of United States Facebook users who are older than 11 years of age declined from 67 percent to just 62 percent. Advertising towards kids is going to take off in no time.