There’s no magic behind link building. It won’t fix all your problems, you won’t make your money fast and it doesn’t solve the traffic problems you have.


You’ve probably heard stories about how important links are, how Google will use links to rank websites and how links are the introductory element to the web. And, nearly every SEO in play agrees that links are important and a vast array of Internet marketers offer case studies on how links significantly improve website traffic.

One would naturally assume that building links would lead to better site performance. Are links an important part of strong websites?

Yes. It’s important to build links to bring traffic to your website – to ensure brand growth and foster relationships and visibility and become an industry authority. Links assist you to earn a larger piece of pie and to increase Domain Authority (DA).

So, with all this in mind, why is link building not magically helping websites?

To build great links, you need to earn great links. Your website must be worth every link built. If not, it’s considered manipulation and Google will eventually penalize you for it. In fact, an excessive number of site owners will go right into attaining links without any consideration into why websites would want to link to them. When it comes to link builders, they’re all smart marketers that have strong social and persuasion skills.

Therefore, if there’s nothing to promote – nothing another website owner deems as value – then any link building is considered manipulation. This is the wrong path for online marketing and SEO.

Of course, you may be wondering if Google will even catch onto what you are doing – questioning the reliability of the links or their position on certain links. It doesn’t matter what amount of improvement Google has, people always assume there’s a loophole to its algorithm – something they can exploit for their own benefit.

Ask yourself this: Why should Google add your page to their search results? If you were to speak directly to a Google employee and let them know what phrase you’re going to use, would there be any merit? Would you feel embarrassed to show these pages to the Google employees?

Have You Earned The Right To Be Ranked Higher In Search Results

Both search engine optimization and SEO link building services should be tied to the importance when it comes to rankings, not manipulation. Just because you think you’re important doesn’t mean you are.


Google hires as many Ph.D. that they can. And, it stands to reason why. In 2014, Google had earned $66 million in revenue, with $59.5 billion coming from its advertising. In simple terms: that’s 90 percent of the company’s revenue.

It’s safe to say Google will continue investing in advertising (search), and the shortcut you take won’t win in the long grand scheme of things.

What does this mean for you?

You need to build links, but you need to earn them first. Before you start manually going after links, you need to question if the page is any good than the SERPs relevant to it. Build value first, then start with the promotion. If you don’t, then you’re starting backward and not doing yourself any good.

To have worthwhile links to build upon, you need to have links. You must give something of value to the web, expressing the value in the links you want.

Link building can be stipulated into three things:

• To get link you deserve
• To promote yourself logically with the main goal of getting links
• To optimize all opportunities

To rank in search, you have to deserve the ranking

How To Attain Links You Deserve

The majority of link acquisition tactics are centered on getting “deserved” links, which include:

• Case studies
• Competitor backlink analysis
• Event coverage
• Mentions
• Organization membership listings
• Partnerships
• Proprietary images
• Relevant niche directory links
• Scholarship links
• Unique analysis, data and research

The premise behind this link building effort is to go manually after places you think a link deserves to go. Anything you think deserves to be mentioned, sourced or covered should have a link back to it.

While you’re already complete in terms of adding value to the web, you need to showcase this by increasing attention, visibility and links. There’s going to be someone out there who cares what you have done and will want to link it. Find those people to attain the links you deserve.

The difference between the attainment of other links and this kind of link acquisition is the link has already established itself. The site knows about your activities and just needs a little promotion, or it’s been linked to other websites that are carrying out similar activities.

Since the work’s been done, you just need links and to follow up to ensure you get them.

Logically Promote Yourself To Attain Links

googleTo attain good links, you should also logically promote your brand, business and/or website, focusing on the right audience. Some worthwhile link building tactics revolve on promotion.

• Audience/authority building
• Content marketing links
• Contests
• Infographics
• Influencer links
• Interviews
• Resource link building
• Reverse guest posting
• Expert Roundups

The premise behind this is community engagement. You’ll need to promote your company, websites, brand, content and resources to earn your links. This means going to an event, do guest blogs on an important website, hold contests for the community, do interviews or promote your resources via other websites.

When you actively look for ways to increase brand recognition and relationships, you can secure your links.

Take Advantage To Influence and Optimize Opportunities To Attain Links

SEOs feel strongly about their optimization efforts. As it stands, there’s no official education to search engine optimization, and people who work in the field felt a calling because of optimization.

It doesn’t matter when it’s a routine for you; you will work hard to optimize it. You can say why you do the things you do and why it’s best that way. What are some link tactics you can use to boost optimization? They are:

• Broken link building
• Discounts
• Embedding (other ways for easier linking)
• Event participation
• Guest blogging
• Humor
• Interviews
• Newsjacking
• Relationships
• Sponsorships
• Testimonials
• Transcribing content

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do; you can always leverage activities to gain new links. The thing to remember is to look carefully at the opportunities and find out which ones will lead to links. For this to happen, you need to have some understanding of the business, your competitors, the linking environment and your industry.

Quality Link Building Is An Application

While everything above is important, it’s not the tactic that’s most important. Rather, it’s the whole strategy that’s important. Link building is tactical marketing, and its main goal is to build links. With link building, you need to manually and vigorously promote your website to others who have important platforms. The work is hard, and it demands that you have a little bit of social prowess.

If you’re going to build links, you need to be worthy to have those links. You CANNOT skip this step. And, a shortcut around them will only ensure short-term results.

You are the driving force that brings links to the website. And, you cannot get things moving in the right direction if you’ve failed to establish this. When your website is reacting positively, it ensures faster results.

You want someone who will put their sweat, tears and creative minds into the promotion of your website. You want someone who will care about what’s going on with your website. You don’t want someone who promotes just anything. After all, nobody wants a link to a non-valuable website – with generic landing pages, pictures, product descriptions and more.

To ensure your website is unique and worthy of links, you want to confidently promote your website. You don’t want to send email after email to people who are not interested in your service.

SEO directors, managers, strategists, analysts and link builders know what makes pages worthy of links. They’ve worked with all kinds of websites, established enough assets and promoted to a plethora of audiences to find out what’s working and what’s not. However, they are not magicians. For them to find you something that works, you still need to put forth the energy, effort and time to help them promote something of value.

It’s important for your website to be link worthy in order to have good links. Do that, and you’ll see the results you’ve been looking for.  This is an investment and to reap the returns you really should have a continual plan.  Allow our professional link building agency to manage your link building strategies.