Get back links (backlinks) to its website is always a must SEO of a website in 2015.

However, and as you may know, the rules have changed.

Indeed, Google regularly updates its algorithms and in particular very loved pet and hunter of web fraudsters. I am of course talking about his famous Pinguin who punished the websites that use bad SEO methods.

How so?

Well, if you use automated tools to get many backlinks to your website, quickly, you risk that Pinguin algorithm penalizes your website.

Similarly, if you get bad links to your website from more or less questionable sites.

Moreover, these changes have led to new positioning strategies used by unscrupulous bloggers. What are these latest generation techniques? Just the fact of preferring harm the referencing of a competitor’s site, rather than working to its own site SEO to position on a keyword.

But that is not the topic of the day, so we’ll talk about this in a future article. And I also tell you how to counter it if one day you are a victim.

But now, very blah, and pass to the chase!
Link building for their SEO 2015: Traditional SEO

2015 has a lot of new, but there are still a lot of points that do not move so much. In this section, we will discuss the methods that work for quite a few years and still work.

A light booster shot with some details never wrong! Do not you think? 😉

So let’s look at all the traditional methods to get backlinks leading to his website:
Register your website to quality directories

This is the basis of SEO for many, many years, and it’s not about to change, except for one detail. Be sure to register today your website into quality directories, and avoid directories that promise you tens of backlinks automatically.

To give you an example of quality directories, talking about Beefy!

This is definitely my favorite book. It allows you to get many quality links to your website, while also bringing visitors directly. I strongly advise you to use it for your website or blog!

In addition, here is a list of quality directories, especially for you! 😉
Submit your site to Bing for links “Bing”

Personally, I advise everyone to submit their site to Bing, rather than waiting until it falls on your website by miracle.

It does not take a lot of time (you will simply create a Microsoft account, hotmail or live, and give the link to your home page to search engine).

Indexing is done very quickly once you have submitted your website. And the result is that you will quickly get backlinks on Bing (after a few days) leading to your website. And these links are still included in the definition of awareness of your area by other search engines.
Sign on your thematic forums

What are the main forums talking about your topic? Find and subscribe. This will allow you to get backlinks to improve your SEO by putting in your signature link to your or your main websites.

This means that every time you post a new message on one of these forums, you will get a new backlink to your website.

Interesting case, is not it?

Especially since most of backlinks to your website, you will also get direct traffic. Indeed, a lot of people will read your various messages (especially if they are quality) then go have a look on your website.
Reviewing articles from other blogs in your topic

Same principle as the forums, whenever you discuss an article from a blog on a topic related to yours, you will have both an additional backlink and a chance to attract direct traffic to your website .

However, there is an important distinction to be specified in this technique.

All returns links you get from blog comments will not have the same importance. For these best improve your SEO, be sure to review well-referenced pages, few commented and that put DoFollow links.

What is a link Dofollow?

A backlink DoFollow, unlike NoFollow links, allows the search engines to follow and therefore to use them for the SEO of your website.

However, do not be that returns DoFollow links, Google may find it fishy! For indeed, a good netlinking has both DoFollow links and links NoFollow. But work to have much more than DoFollow NoFollow.

A ratio that I can advise is 1 NoFollow link 10 DoFollow links. But this is not the only possibility and potential change, so do not worry too much! 😉
Write articles guests on your blogs theme

This will allow you both to get quality backlinks on quality blogs, but also to touch the audience of websites on which you publish.

So a very interesting method and prolific development of your activity on the Web!
Create an affiliate program for your products

To understand the usefulness of this method, it is sufficient to know the principle of an affiliate link that leads to a product you sell affiliate.

The site that sells your product affiliation necessarily put its affiliate link leading to your product’s sales page, an article, or its home page. And your product is actually on your website, is not it?

As a result, by placing an affiliate link to your product on its website, this blogger will get you an additional backlink to your website which, again, will certainly use an optimized anchor (the name of your product).

For example, if you sell an ebook to create a website, the blogger that sells this product in affiliation probably use (90%) of the cases an anchor of the genre: Create a website easily with this method, or something like.

So these are very prolific backlinks to developing your SEO!

Method to use then! Especially that it will also allow you to generate additional revenue through your website;)

Get backlinks for their SEO 2015: curation content

Content curation sites are kind of news papers or information. Those who use share interesting content they have found on the internet with the people who follow them.

By registering on these sites, so you can share your articles (at least their summaries, and sometimes only a link), and thus get backlinks to your items and thus to your website. In addition, the anchor will also be optimized if your titles are.

For indeed, the anchors of links to your website on content curation sites are usually the titles of articles you share.

What also give a boost to your SEO!

Now here is the list of content curation sites I recommend using:

– Paper Li

– List Ly

– Scoop it

– Bag the Web

– Bundlr

– Delicious

– Stumble Upon
Get backlinks for their SEO 2015: web 2.0 social platforms

Have backlinks on social networks is certainly more useful to bring direct traffic to its website and to improve its SEO.

But personally, I think those are all the same name, even in an article about the different ways to get backlinks to improve its listing in 2015!

Because any boost, even slight, is good to take to develop its visibility on the internet. Especially when they have double effects (here, SEO + direct input from visitors).

That said, now turn to the study of different platforms which I advise you to be present in 2015 to improve the SEO of your website throughout this new year:
You create a blog Tumblr

Tumblr (example Tumblr blog) is a free platform for creating blogs. Create an account there and then a blog! This will allow you to share all your articles and thus to obtain many more backlinks leading to your site, and thus further improve referencing different pages of your website.
Create an account on Wizu

Wizu is a new social network young. However, communities which develops gradually is nice and envious discover, share and exchange.

Thus, in addition to get backlinks on this social network, you can also bring new visitors on your website directly, and why not loyalty.

What are the different ways to get backlinks to your website on this social network?

They are quite numerous:

Share his articles on his profile page
Create a page and share items (same principle as Facebook)
Create articles and put links to its website
Share event you are organizing in creating an on Wizu and put in a link to your website.

Comment News, polls, etc by responding by putting a link to one of your articles (but make sure that it is useful for the publication you’re reviewing)

You can find out more about this new platform in our article: Wizu, a promising new social network!
You create a Vimeo account

Vimeo is a video sharing platform, much like Youtube. So you will be able to upload your different videos and place links to your website.
Create an account and YouTube channel

Youtube is definitely the sharing platform of the best known and most used videos. Y create an account and YouTube channel will therefore give you the ability to reach people that you would not be affected on other platforms.

In addition, you will also get backlinks to your website and improve your SEO by placing them ahead of your descriptions of your various videos.
Create a Twitter account

I think that social networking is no longer to detail! Everyone knows it and a lot of people use it.

And the same applies for explanations of obtaining backlinks. Just share your articles with Tweets (which can also be done automatically through WordPress extensions;)).
Create a Facebook page

Same as Twitter, with one exception: on Facebook, you create a page to post your links to your pages.

I also suggest you to discover how to grow your fan base on Facebook by reading this article.
Create a Google + account

Google +, as its name suggests, is the social network of Google. It is obvious that it will attach great importance to the popularity of your account linked to your website on this social platform to influence your SEO.
Create a LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is a social network that allows you to develop a professional circle. But it is also a good way to share articles, for additional backlinks and thus further improve a little referencing its website.
Create a Pinterest account

Pinterest is a social network that allows you to share images mainly. However, it also allows you to get links back to your website!


Simply by sharing pictures of your articles and by putting a link to your pages.

That’s it. Now we come to the end of this article! Indeed, it was the technical 22nd to get backlinks to your website and improve your SEO.

Already Hugo!

Yes yes, I assure you! Recount if you doubt it;)

But we do not leave right away, do not worry! There are still comments so that we can share together 🙂

And in addition, I would like to ask you a question: What are YOUR methods for useful SEO backlinks to your website in 2015?