Linkdex For SEOs & Search Marketers

Below is a mindmap to show an overview of the key areas of the platform with commentary on how each section is used to improve our clients’ search marketing campaigns.

1. Reporting & Dashboards

Linkdex promotes data and results driven decision making. The reporting and dashboards section features a rich suite of widgets that can be used as building blocks to build both dashboards and reports.

As an agency this will enable you to provide your clients with reports that use industry leading data and can be rebranded with your agency logo and colors. As a brand you will be able to provide your business with insights based on technology that is used by a majority of the largest search agencies.

2. Task & Project Management

Another core feature when Linkdex launched was the Task & Project Management section. This was based on the philosophy that data provides insights, but it is people and actions that cause websites to rank better. This is why throughout the platform it is possible to create a task in every section.

The section can be used in three key ways; for team members to manage their own tasks, for project managers to gain an overview of all of the work being completed by their team and to compare actions with improvements to your campaigns.

3. Keyword Research

The keyword research section enables analysis of keywords via a number of different sources which include integration with Google Analytics.

The keyword research section is powerful because you import all keywords which are generating organic traffic, being used for AdWords campaigns and have been identified as terms your competitors are optimized for.

This means if you start working with a website that has a significant amount of keyword data from Google Analytics you can create lists of highly targeted keywords effortlessly and even leverage the work of another team if they are running Google AdWords campaigns on the domain.

4. Keyword Rankings

Linkdex offers enterprise grade keyword ranking data including daily keyword checks, universal search and Geo-Rankings (keyword ranking checks by geographical location).

It is probably the most used part of the platform for both reporting and as an indication of how well your campaign is performing. A key feature is the ability to map keywords to pages and analyze groups of keywords.

5. Content 360 & Site Crawler

Content 360 and the Site Crawler form an important section for SEO practitioners. Content 360 is based on the concept of being able to access all of your data at page level including; technical factors, multi-channel analytics, link data, and social metrics. Then analyzing groups of pages and measuring the impact of your actions against performance.

The Site Crawler is a dream come true for many SEOs as it combines a state-of-the-art web crawler with a powerful search engine. It can be used to analyze your site and competitor sites for full crawls or groups of pages. The search engine layer makes analysis of complex sites far more efficient than many crawlers. Crawls can also be reviewed over time to help measure improvements and to reference historical technical issues.

6. Link Data

The proprietary link data provided by Linkdex is one of the main reasons many of our clients use the platform. Majestic SEO data is recrawled and analyzed to give you enterprise grade link data, essential for serious SEO projects.

The platform enables powerful insights into both your link profile and your competitors’. It makes it easy to identify authority, relevance and intersects, for example who links to several of your competitors, but not you?

Link data can be sliced by site type, timelines, anchor text, link target destination, social factors and many more indicators.

7. Writer’s Desktop & On Page

Writer’s Desktop is a section designed for SEO practitioners with the rise of content marketing carefully considered. At page level you can analyze mapped keywords, keyword rankings, search volume and page value. Pages can also be reviewed for keyword usage in title, headings, URL and in page copy.

This section focuses on keyword mapping, one of the most actionable philosophies of Linkdex. Do pages exist for your target keyword, are they visible, and does the correct page rank? These are questions where if you can answer “yes” for 100% of your pages you will be ahead of your competition.

8. Authorship Data

Linkdex offers the largest commercially available database for online authors, making it one of the quickest possible ways to generate a list of bloggers and writers to reach out to.

This data can also be sliced in different ways, such as the ability to filter authors by influence score or have intersects with more than one of your competitors. You can even identify authors who are visible for your keywords.

9. Networks

The Networks section contains award-winning features that are amongst the most innovative we have ever released.

This section offers the ability to leverage network science through visualizing social media data to achieve a number of key insights. These insights include; understanding an industry and who the major players are really quickly, analysis of how the network evolves over time as a way to measure influence and actionable insights such as who can I ask for an introduction to build relationships with key people within the network?

10. Campaigns

Campaigns enable you to build a structured approach to conducting and managing outreach. It acts as a collaboration platform for your link building / online PR team and a key input to enabling reporting on outreach.

11. Contacts

Contacts is a section of the platform that was built in collaboration with some of our key clients. It is a powerful way to capture and manage all of your contacts, being able to build upon previous outreach and research can often offer the quickest wins in campaigns. For example reusing outreach conducted in the fashion sector from a previous project for a new fashion client.

The contacts section also acts as an essential input to Linkdex Networks, where you can overlay your contacts onto any network visualization enabling you to map out how your existing contacts and relationships can help you connect to key influencers.