SEO guide for beginners and novices

The purpose of this guide is so you can learn to do SEO yourself  through our basic step-by-step tutorial.  We touch on most aspects of SEO-oriented entrepreneurs and professionals who are beginners in Search Engine Optimization.

We decided to write this SEO guide for beginners in order to introduce our students in search engine optimization and all those who want to learn to move in this scenario.
How does the Google search engine works?

The algorithm that Google uses is composed of hundreds of criteria and factors that decide what position we appear in the list of search engine. Google protects your better than the “formula of Coca Cola”, always trying to protect yourself from spam or content of little relevance trying to fool the search engine so that this will give a good position algorithm.

Types of Searches

We’ll tell you this guide that SEO has seen more changes in the last 3 years in its history, always seeking to combat low quality content and spam, and trying to highlight and give more importance to sites that offer content high quality.

Since the advent of voice search, the way in which we searched has totally changed since we use a more natural and less artificial language.

For example if we look for an Italian restaurant for dinner with your partner in Phoenix would do as follows:

Written Search Italian Restaurants in Phoenix

Voice Search 1: Seeking an Italian restaurant in Phoenix

Search by Voice 2: I’m looking for an Italian restaurant for dinner in Phoenix

Voice Search In other words we use and a natural language

What we usually find in Google

Many years ago no longer keep the “tomes” White Pages, Yellow Pages and QDQ, however small who wanted them in their latest versions, since it is a material with an expiration date and total disuse, and all this is caused by the ease and speed with which we access information through the Google search engine, either from a computer, tablet, mobile phone or even a TV.

What kind of searches are performed in the search engine?

Normally we do in Google searches can be classified in 3:

  1. Information search. We seek information on blogs, forums, videos, digital newspapers, etc.
  2. comparative search. For example when we seek to compare two products; Features, pricing, etc.
  3.  transactional search. When we make a purchase via the Internet.

Types of Marketing at Google

There are 2 ways to improve our visibility in the Google search engine:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Aims to climb to the top positions of Google search engine.

Pros: We will not have to pay when someone clicks on this search results.

Cons: SEO is a strategy we need patience as we invest many weeks to see results.

Ads Payment (SEM) .The paying ads give instant visibility to a company in both the Google search and content network.

Pros: Within hours thousands of people will see your ads and publicize your business, services and / or products.

Cons: We will pay each time someone clicks on the ad.

Bidding on adwords

I made a comparison of what it would cost the hire 4 professionals working , and as you can see the results are very “motley”. If you are a carpenter or dentist and work in Arizona your cost per click ranges from 1-2 euros, but if you’re a plumber, the cost per click is above 20 euros, totally absurd and uncalled amount.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is nothing but how to visualize your brand, your services or your products in the Google search engine. Since 90% of users never go to the 2nd page of Google, it is critical that our content reach the 1st page of Google.

To improve the SEO of a company you count mainly with 3 tools; on one hand the web, on the other blog and secondly your Social Media profiles.
How do I begin to optimize SEO for my business?

When we are beginners in SEO, do not know where to start and often work in a disorganized or we skip some necessary steps to avoid this I decided to create this SEO beginners guide to guide you step by step how you should optimize your SEO strategy.

This SEO beginners guide is divided into 12 steps:
1. Key Word Analysis

It is very important that we know the search words related to my business that most users use when they search Google. Since there are many SEO tools for keyword analysis, this guide I will focus on the 4 most basic and ideal for beginners in SEO:

Planner of Google AdWords keywords. The most important and basic to analyze the keywords tool with which we can find many ideas for keywords and export an excel file with hundreds of keywords that will be interesting to include in our marketing strategy content.

Ubbersuggest. Free tool with which you can find the most relevant keyword related topics. The results are displayed sorted alphabetically us.

In the following example I’ve done a search for the term “SEO guide” and I decided to just capture the results with the letter “p”.

seo guide ubbersuggest

Semrush. Tool that can analyze your competition and see what keywords they are using in your content marketing strategy are. With the free option you can only access the first 10 results.

Google. If we are beginners in SEO the easiest tool to use is the Google search engine itself.

To do this I will find the keyword “personal branding” to see the suggestions offered me Google itself. From the first suggestion “personal branding features” extract the most correct choice for the SEO title of one of my articles “Personal Branding; The Definitive Guide”.

personal branding resume

Once we have a excell with keywords or keywords is important that “we have our feet on the ground” and we establish a realistic strategy SEO start looking for those terms that have less competition and therefore be easier to get hold of the first page of Google.

There is nothing more absurd than to write contents of keywords with a high degree of competition as it is not within our reach.

Other ideas for selecting content

Another method of work in generating content is to do it without paying attention to the study of keywords and make searching the themes that are shared and visited by social networks, or put another way, seeking what are the most popular content by users.

A third method, which is the most use I personally and is about to write a post on an entirely spontaneous and has emerged naturally by something you’ve seen or heard in recent days, so it would be a content much more fresh and natural outsourced link building services.

But if our goal is to get lots of visitors and also try to generate creative and different content, I recommend you use a hybrid of the 3 methods.

2. Optimize the SEO of our tools

Once we are clear where we want to introduce niche and know what are the keywords that we will include in our marketing strategy content, it is time to optimize our tools to try to climb the top positions. We will use mainly two tools:
the Blog

The first step is to configure and optimize our SEO Blog, to do this follow these recommendations:

– Correctly Configure your Blog.

how to create a blog

– Always use a professional theme with Responsive mobile version.

– Install WordPress plugins that are essential for any blog.

– Create a Google Webmaster account and verify your domain. Then upload your sitemap and select the preferred domain, with or without www.

google webmaster

– Improve the speed of loading to treat always be below 3 seconds or more.

3. Competitive Analysis

Analyze competition is an important aspect of this SEO guide for beginners as well as within any SEO strategy, since the data that can extract useful information to make changes in our promotions or our content marketing strategy.

We analyze the competition not to copy anything good to do but to be informed of every step they take and thereby try to stay one step ahead.

What aspects must analyze SEO?

  • Analyze keywords better positioned and more visitor traffic generated.
  • Analyse linkbuilding strategy.
  • Analyze paying ads (SEM).
  • Analyze domain authority and its pages.
  • Analyze the viral content.

4. Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and SEO

Content marketing is the fuel it needs to run the SEO seems obvious, we need to generate high-quality content and better usability, we apply SEO techniques to help take it to the top search engine positions.

The Inbound Marketing strategy unifies in a single use SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media, ie is to group these three strategies to work together.

5. How to apply SEO to content

The ways of applying SEO to content have changed much in the last 2 years; before we built very artificial language content and excessive repetition of the keyword, but the quality now is rewarded, the naturalness of content and its social impact.

Google Panda 4.0 has brought a kick to stale content of 300 words
We also recommend this SEO guide that you follow these 10 tips.

What do you think of the SEO Guide for Beginners?

Are you missing some aspect of SEO that is important for a beginner?