SEO tools / tools can be really effective and time-saving, and I can safely say that if I had not had the SEO tools that I use on a daily basis, my work with SEO have been much more difficult. But there are now so many different tools that can be confusing to keep track of all of them and how they differentiate themselves in relation to each other. Therefore I have decided to make a “complete” list of the different SEO tools available and provide them categorically (eg after social media, backlinks checker, etc.), So one can easily get an overview of them.
For complete must not mean all the SEO tools are available, but all the best SEO tools. Therefore there will be tools which may be mainly the same, but the tool is best for the specific things (there are exceptions – for example Ahrefs and Majestic SEO both with – but it is because the tool is so good, that it must and it may. have features that the other tool does not). This post is not intended as a post you must read from one end to the other, but should be seen more as a spread, which you can visit for example if a specific tools that you are looking for (eg a tool for Outreach link building service , etc.).
But remember (very important) that SEO tools only, do not get you up to the top of the SERPs (at least not in the long term),there are merely the instruments / tools for you to achieve top rankings on Google. Want inspiration for what you can use the different SEO tools, you can see this post, where 13 SEOs comes with one of their best SEO tool tricks.
In addition to a link to the Tool was, there’s also added a link to a guide on Tool was. It is not necessarily always a guide on only the Tool is (ie how to use it), but can also be a guide on how to using. Of Tool was, for example, performing broken link building etc.
You can including select the category you are interested in.

Link building | On-Page SEO | Other | Analytics | Social media

link building
For Link Building there are a lot of especially  useful tools that can save plenty of time. There are many tools for link building which I simply could not live / work without.

Backlinks checker | Broken Link Building | Outreach linkbuilding

Backlinks checker
AhrefsAhrefs is the youngest of the three backlinks tool, but today many people’s favorite backlink checker tool. Among other things, because. that they offer so many other useful features, such as New / Lost Backlinks. By subscribing of Ahrefs you also get access to their other tools, such as Metions Tracker.
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Open Site Explorer
Open Site Explorer, Open Site Explorer owned by, and known enough by most. Although I a short time ago switched to Ahrefs, I must admit that I now again shifted back to Open Site Explorer. In addition there is the bonus that you also get access to all the other good stuff on
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Majestic SEO
Majestic SEOMajestic SEO is the oldest on the pitch of these three tools. It is likely that many of the things that the others can respect. Site Explorer, Backlink History Checker etc. Also, there is the advantage of Majestic SEO that here we can choose a much cheaper subscription than the others.
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link Assistant
LinkstantMed Link Assistant you can get a notification right after that is anyone have the link to your site. This can be good for several reasons: you can include watch whether there is anyone who writes anything good / bad about your site, you can create good relations with the link entity, for example by writing thank you in the comments etc.
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Broken Link Building
Broken Link Checker
Broken Link CheckerMed Broken Link Checker you can absolutely free check dead links on any website (3,000 ppm. Domain). You can both use it to check your own website for broken links, but it can also be a very effective link building tool connection. broken link building strategy.
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Broken Links, Redirects & Site Crawl Tool
Broken links, redirects, site crawl toolBroken Links, Redirects & Site Crawl Tool is like Broken Link Checker a free tool you can use to find dead links (there is a limit of a maximum of 1,000 ppm. Domain). In addition, you also get a detailed overview of call up Internet, external links, redirects, etc..
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Check My Links
Check My Links Check My Links is a Chrome Addon where you simply with a click on the icon in your browser to quickly check dead links on the page / post that you are on. Do you use Firefox as your browser, you can use the Link Checker for Firefox.
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Broken Link Index
Broken Link IndexMed Broken Link Index you have free access to iAcquire huge large database. Simply enter a relevant keyword relation. Your website, also you will find a sea of potential link options (this tool works best with English websites).
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Wayback Machine
Wayback MachineVed broken link building is often necessary to find out what content was on the URL where there is a dead link to, so you can create something similar content to get a link to your own website. And that is what you just can use the Wayback Machine to.
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Outreach linkbuilding
YeswareYesware is a free addon for Gmail, where you can measure how many people open and click on any link in your sent e-mail, and that way you can find the most effective e-mail template to use in the future to outsource link building. Not using Gmail, look Bananatag.
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Rapportive Rapportive is a free addon for Gmail, which replaces the advertisements out to the right in Gmail with information about the person that you write with (eg Facebook profile, latest tweets, etc.). Useful tool to create better relationships with the person that you write with.
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Boomerang for Gmail
Boomerang for Gmail Boomerang can be a really effective outreach tool. You can include plan when to send your mail, get notification if there is a person who does not answer you (you can even set Gmail to automatically write a message to a person who is not responding) and much more.
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IFTTTMed IFTTT you can automate ‘good relations’. Is there for example a person you would like to create a good relationship with? So you can include put IFTTT to the automatically tweet with a link whenever a new post is published on any website, or one of their thousands of other possibilities.
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FollowerwonkMed Followerwonk you can include easily and quickly find influential people in your industry (eg journalists, popular blogger, etc.) you can begin to create a relationship that may be beneficial in full next time you, for example, has in history you’d like in the media or the like.
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On-Page SEO
Whether you need to optimize it a bit more technical part of SEO, such as H tag, rate, or find profitable keywords for your website, go to tools that can make the process much easier. The best SEO tools for this are listed below.
SEO Audit | Speed Optimization | Keyword Analysis
SEO Audit
screaming frog
Screaming FrogScreaming Frog is the ultimate tool for technical SEO. With it you can include check your website have died internal links, internal links that go through the redirect, duplicate SEO title / meta description, indexing barriers, your use of the H tag and much more (free alternative: Xenu).
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A1 Website Analyzer
A1 Website AnalyzerA1 Website Analyzer is an alternative to Screaming Frog and Xenu, as you will many of the same things. These include find duplicate content, internal dead links, redirects, spelling and other technical parts. It’s like Screaming Frog is not free, but costs $ 69th
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SitebeamSitebeam is a slightly more modern alternative to the above three tools – it is, however, not as technically. Sitebeam calculates a score with respect. Your website on parameters such as speed, SEO, social media, etc. And comes with direct advice on how to improve it.
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site Liner
Site lanyards Site lanyards reminiscent of Screaming Frog, yet it has not as many features as Screaming Frog, but in return it probably a little more user-friendly interface. Site Line is completely free and you can include check your site for duplicate content, your internal link structure, broken links, etc..
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WooRankMed WooRank can choose to receive a little (superficial) SEO analysis of your website. It is not always that all their recommendations are relevant to you, but they come anyway with many good things, such as Text / HTML ratio WWW redirect, image everything mm
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Google Webmaster Tool
Google Webmaster ToolMed Google Webmaster Tool you can find many useful information on how Google perceives one’s web site – including crawl, inbound links etc. or, alternatively, add rich snippets using. their Data Highlighter Tool instead of themselves to insert the codes on your site and much more.
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Bing Webmaster Tool
Bing webmaster toolBing Webmaster Tool is very similar to Google Webmaster Tool, and many of the same things. But .. there are indeed other really useful tools that are not in GWT, including Link Explorer which is a backlink checker tool, SEO Analyzer and much more.
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Copyscape Copyscape can analyze the content of your website is unique, or whether there may be duplicated content of your content on the internet. You can take single show searches or purchase a subscription, which continuously being sought on the content of your page is unique.
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Speed optimization
GTmetrixMed GTmetrix you (free) analyze your website’s speed (note that their server is located in Canada, so the “Page load time” is not true here), but what is even better is that you get concrete tips on how to improve the speed.
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PingdomDu can just as with Pingdom get a free rate analysis of your site (here you can, however, choose the server’s location to Amsterdam, so you get a more accurate “Page load time”). Here you can just get concrete tips on how you can improve the speed.
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Keyword Analysis Tools

Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner: Man can not escape the Google Keyword Planner terms. Keyword analysis. With it you can include find out how many searches (approximate) there is a month on a given keyword, so you can analyze the keyword’s potential. It’s also really good tool to find new keywords.
SearchmetricsMan can very much with Searchmetrics (eg PPC research, etc.). What I wish to mention briefly here with respect. Keyword analysis is that you with a free user can analyze any of your competitors’ main keywords that you can “snatch” and then try to implement into your website.
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SEMrushMed SEMRUSH you also have a wealth of opportunities, and it is in many ways about Searchmetrics. With it you can create advanced competitor analysis, and include find the most important keywords that your competitors are using, then you can implement them on your own website.
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UbersuggestUbersuggest is a brilliant tool to find new keywords. All you have to do is write a given keyword, and by utilizing Google Suggest fully, it could come up with hundreds of ideas for new keywords. Combine that with this tool, you can see CPC and search volume data directly in Ubersuggest.

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Google Trends
Google trend wrought Google Trends, you can see what time (eg summer) is being searched most times for a given keyword. That way you can get a good idea of whether your keyword is seasonal and / or whether the keyword has been less / more popular than the recent past.
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Below you can see other SEO related tools, which can be both tools to Off-Page & On-Page SEO, but do not quite fit into any of the previous categories.
WordPress | Browser addons | Other

WordPress SEO Tools

WordPress SEO by Yoast
WordPress SEO by Yoast – SEO ToolHar you a WordPress website and would like it search engine optimized, then Yoast’s plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast a must-have. With it you can easily edit SEO title, meta description, add authorship / publisher tag, Facebook Open Graph etc.Visit – Guide
Schema Creator city Raven
Schema Creator city Rave Using micro data can increase one’s CTR significantly in the SERP, and can indirectly increase one rankings. With this WordPress plugin from Rave Tools, you can super easily add the most popular micro data – such as products, films, books, events, etc.. – To your pages / posts.
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SEO Rank Reporter
SEO Rank ReporterMed SEO Rank Reporter can you inside your backend get a beautiful and user-friendly graph of your rankings in Google for your chosen keywords. You can also receive notifications if there suddenly was a big deranking of a given keyword, so you are fully informed about it.
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W3 Total Cache
W3 Total CacheSom you probably know, is the speed of your website one of Google’s more than 200 ranking factor. And you must have speed optimized your website, there is a plugin of them all: W3 Total Cache (it is quite advanced, so see WP Super Cache, if it would be simpler).
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browser addons

Nofollow addonNoFollow highlights nofollow links by adding a red square box around them, so you can see which links are nofollow and what is not. It can be helpful in link building if you have to check, for example, is something / dofollow link on comments o. The like.
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Word Count
Word CountMed Word Count you can select a text and see how many words the text contains. It can include use if you are guest blogging and want to see how many words the average being written on the site, so you know how many words your own post about should be.
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Mozbar MozBar is a toolbar made of where you both in the SERP and on the given page you’re on, you can see useful information about the given page, including Domain / Page Authority, site audits, etc. and are you a member of you get even more features.
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Show Title Tag
Show title tag: Frederik Trovatten told me about this tool in my post about browser addons. You know enough to have many tabs top of your browser at the same time, so you can not see the title tag on the pages. It solves this handy tool by showing the bottom right on your screen.
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Awesome Screenshot
Awesome Capture consult with one other with SEO, it can be nice to be able to take a screenshot from time to time. With Awesome Screenshot you get lots of great features, including you can take a picture of the entire screen; So also what you have to scroll down the page to see.
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Trashmail.netSkal example, you sign up site to link directories o. The like. but do not bother to receive all the spam mail you then get sent? Then create temporary mails so all spam their mail will be sent to the e-mail instead of your own e-mail.
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ScraperVed right clicking on a search result and then press “Scrape similar”, this tool easily find other similar websites. May be useful when, for example, be guest blogging and have found a good website, and want to find other similar websites.
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Impersonal.meSom you probably know personalize Google sometimes your searches based on past search activity, which may give misleading results if you must check one’s website’s rankings in the SERP. This can completely avoid by making your searches in
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SEO Tools for Excel
SEO Tools for Excel This is definitely one of my favorite tools. If you work with many URL’s in Excel and want to compare them, one can SEO Tools for Excel few parameters into Excel worksheet, such as how many backlinks they have each, on-page SEO factors and much more.
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Anchor text overoptimerings tool
Remove’emMed this tool you can see if you are at risk for any. being punished by Google in the future of the optimized anchor text. Just enter the URL of your website, and then of knowing whether there is a / several anchor texts you use too often.
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Google Structured Data Testing Tool
Google Structured Data ToolMicrodata and rich snippet is here to stay. But it can be a little technical to setup (at less you use Data Highlighting in Google Webmaster Tool), and with this tool from Google, you can check if you have set it right on your website.
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Google Results Bookmarklet
Google Results BookmarkletMed Google Results Bookmarklet you can easily convert a Google search on the format, which is much easier to copy from, for example, into an Excel sheet. It can be helpful during a link building campaign when, for instance, doing competitor analysis and the like.
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Rank Checker for Firefox
SEOBook Rank Checker Rank Checker for Firefox is my personal favorite tools when it comes to rank checker. It’s free, and it can be what it should be; to check one’s rank for given keywords (and even in a user-friendly interface). At the same time, it is possible to export it all out in a .csv file.
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TinyRocketLabEt another tool you can use to measure your rankings on is TinyRocketLab. With it you get a beautiful and user-friendly interface, with many nice features. It is not, like the above tool, free. But you can create a free profile with max. 10 keyword.
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As Rasmus Himmelstrup very well writes on his blog: “Without analytics works SEO is not” and it hits the spot perfectly. A large part of the time with SEO is to analyze, such as analyzing one main keyword o. The like. and below you have some of the best tools.
SitebeakMed Sitebeak you can register your websites where you can get notifications via e-mail if your website is down in any number of minutes or if your site is infected with malware. And the best part is that it is completely free.
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Crazy Egg
Crazy EggMed Crazy Egg, you can get a heatmaps of your website. A heat maps show you where people pressed her on your website and what they’re doing, so you can analyze your visitors’ behavior, and thus improve your website’s structure and (hopefully) its conversion.
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Google Analytics
Google AnalyticsUden Analytics – no SEO. So short of it. A big part of SEO is to analyze the effects of one’s work with respect. Eg visits number which keywords are the same main keywords, and also user behavior – such as dwell time, bounce rate, etc.. – Which is ranking factors.
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Panguin Tool
Panguin ToolMed Panguin Tool you can directly analyze the effect of “Penguin”, “Panda” and “other” Google updates have been visiting the number on your website through Google Analytics. Additionally, you can see exactly what landing pages and keywords that have been affected by one of the updates.
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social media
Social media is an important marketing channel for most websites, and it will certainly be in the future. In addition, get social media also increasingly important terms. SEO, and here there are also useful tools that you can use.
Analytics | Other
Shared Count
SharedCountMed Shared Count, you can easily analyze how many platoons, comments, and likes a given URL has been on the social media (ie, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Delicious and StumbleUpon) and you can even export it to a .csv file.
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social Crawlytics
Social CrawlyticsMed Social Crawlytics you can include analyze the posts on your competitors’ websites that are shared most of social media. That way you can keep up with all of your competitors’ made, and possibly. get some inspiration for your own content marketing campaigns.
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Youtube Analytics
Youtube AnalyticsMed Youtube Analytics can include keep track of how many plays your videos have, traffic sources etc.. The interface in Youtube Analytics similar in many ways about Google Analytics, so you already know it, you will easily be able to navigate this tool.
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Pinterest Analytics
Pinterest AnalyticsPå same way as there is an analytics to Youtube, Pinterest has also their own analytics program. Here you like Youtube Analytics get an overview of your Pinterest user activity, including how many Pinner from your website and much more.
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Facebook Insights
Facebook Insight Of course, Facebook also their own analytics program – called Facebook Insights. Here you can just get a glimpse of your facebook page activity in a user-friendly interface – from new “Like” on the scope of your entries and much more.
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TopsyPå Topsy you can search among all tweets on Twitter, and can include used to track social mentions, find influential people and not least find shared and popular content in your niche that can be inspiration for future content marketing campaigns.
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BufferPå background of your followers activity takes Buffer out when the best time is where you can share your postings on social media. This way you ensure that your posting is seen by many people as possible. And it works super easy and straightforward.
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What is your favorite SEO tool?
I’d love to hear which is your favorite SEO tool below in the comments. Do you think the lack of a SEO tool in the above article – which most likely do – write it down finally in the comment field, then it will become added to the list.