3 Primary Keys To Ensuring Your Link Building Campaign Is A Success


Facebook-link-building-campaingsMost people are under the assumption that a link building campaign is easy to do. As the premier link building company we understand this is wrong. Despite what they think, every link building campaign is different from each other. They can be extremely complicated and take the time to become successful.  Now, you may be wondering what the secret to success is for a link building campaign.


Well, there are actually three things that ensure a link building campaign is successful:


  • Teamwork – People must be willing to collaborate if there is to be success.
  • High-quality content – You need eye-appealing, thought-provoking content to garner people’s attention.
  • Amazing service/product – You have to have a product or service people need or want.


If any of these things are missing, it becomes extremely difficult to acquire links, which puts your success in dire straits. Here’s a closer look at each element, so you get a better understanding of why each one feeds off the others.


Must-Have Or Want Service or Product


For your company to establish links, you need to have a product or offer a service that people want or need. It doesn’t happen overnight, and the primary criteria for getting links is to offer a useful, must-have or need service or product. Value is important to all parts of link building. If the site you have doesn’t offer the audience anything worthwhile, you’re going to have a hard time getting links.


Google pays close mind to guest post service links, as they are a signal of authority, reverence and confidence. Links are an online representation of all these things. Nobody will endorse a brand that’s distrustful and lacks any kind of authority.


Your audience size will vary, even if you have an obscure service or product. The most important aspect is you have an actual audience, which you can’t attain without something people are after.


If you have a powerful, unique selling point or respected brand name, it can help with your link building campaign. With a powerful selling point or brand name, people will talk about it, which can then be changed into links.


If you fail to offer any service or product people will want, you have more problems than just link building and SEO. It’s imperative to have a product/service people want for your link building campaign to be successful. It is THE key to your success.


Offer Superior-Quality Content


Along with offering a service or product people want, you have to make them aware that you’re offering it. Just writing about what you have to offer isn’t going to do the trick. You must have quality content that gets people’s attention – to establish links back to your site. Quality content is a must to a link building campaign.


Now, you may be wondering what quality content boils down to. It’s any kind of content that offers your audience value. Below is a list of various content that is often linkable:


  • How-to guides/articles
  • Visually appealing images
  • Instructional videos
  • Well-written, thought-out articles and infographics
  • Useful tools
  • Fun quizzes or games
  • Educational webinars
  • High-profile interviews


Believe it or not, a simple blog is more than enough to get your outreach link building service campaign going. However, it’ll only work if you’re offering content your target audience wants to read and engages in.


Most businesses, as well as link builders, put their attention on product pages (or any page that will lead to conversions). Yes, they are important, but they’re not always worthy of links. Website owners don’t just want to link to product pages; they want high-quality content they can link to – pages that are valuable to their readers.


With clear in internal linking, you can guide your traffic to the pages that convert, but you must offer them content they want to read to ensure you garner those links.


Bear in mind that amazing content by itself isn’t going to work. You will still need a gimmick to capture their attention. And, even if you have the best promotions out there, offering low-quality content isn’t going to turn into links.


Work Together As A Team


For link building campaign success, you must be willing to work together as a team, bringing together other area’s ideas and incorporating them into the campaign.  Don’t look at link building as a solo effort, but one that works in conjunction with every other part of Internet marketing. It’s far more effective and successful if carried out in conjunction with:


  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Public relations
  • Paid search


For instance, when a link campaign is following a successful publicity campaign, it can result in brand name mentions. Content marketing and link building work together as one. After all, high-quality content will link to more links, but additional links will increase the visibility of the content.


It doesn’t matter if the SEO is done in-house or by a third-party, you must work together to be effective and clear about your message.  By doing this, everybody will succeed. With an establishment of trust, you must work in conjunction with the team. It’s the only surefire way to attain your marketing objectives and goals.


Failure to communication with the client makes it difficult to meet goals. Don’t overlook the chances to use the assets that are right in front of you. And, don’t become too involved that you hinder the campaign, especially if the client puts restrictions on a project.


The important point is to establish trust with everybody – the clients, the vendors and all departments. You must be willing to work with one another to carry out an effective and prosperous link building campaign.