Earned Links is an international link building service agency & link earning company that manually attains quality white hat back links for online businesses. We have applied our strategies to some of the web’s most sophisticated companies, including NASCAR great’s Dale Jarret enterprises, eFax providers, RV manufactures like Winnebago, Legal Zoom, and many others.

We have helped clients build backlinks in 3 languages and in 16 countries.


Why our clients use us

  • We get great links. Other link building agencies show flashy website design and videos, but we increase authority backlinks. Improvements of over 100% in Google rankings are common place. To see our client reviewed testimonials and some detailed link earning case studies, click here.
  • We work with clients worldwide. So far we’ve worked with clients in 3 languages in the following 16 countries: (In alphabetical order), Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Sweden, UAE, UK and USA. Our robust perspective means we know what works in your area and what’s working elsewhere online.
  • We work with businesses just like yours. We have the advantage of having experienced hands-on link building in a myriad of industries, working with the most sophisticated online brands. No Matter what you sell, chances are Earned Links already has experience with organizations very similar. (If you’re curious about this, just ask about our references.)
  • We’re not tied to any particular technology. We do not profit from selling or recommending software. We’re 100% vendor neutral and use the tools that are best for your business. (In fact, we invented the industry’s first link earning methodology based on scientific analysis.)
  • We’re link building experts. We are considered a leading authority on link earning and are often invited to SEO conferences nationwide. We have also been featured on Yahoo, Bing, and Google, the world’s best search-engine for e-commerce. We were even asked to optimize one of the major search engines APP platforms in the world. Due to NDA’s, which we respect unconditionally; we cannot say which.       Let’s just say it’s a short list.

Our team

The Earned Links team is in Europe and North America. We have consultants who speak English, French, German, and Spanish (and consultants who have a working knowledge of Mandarin Chinese and Japanese). Our multilingual and international team of back link building professionals can help you in your area.

Our experience in SEO link building is second to none. Here are just a few of the companies our team members advised before joining Earned Links: Google, Nascar.


We’re different in that most of us have managed in-house web marketing teams. This means we understand the practical (and sometimes political) issues with developing a high quality link building strategy. We don’t come to you with theories but with solid pragmatic experience of managing and growing web businesses.

Our history

Earned Links was founded in the early 2000’s by Craig McConnel (an internet marketing expert) and Thomas Thurston (a former Google Employee / Search Evangelist), and it now has a team of experts located across the world. We discovered the huge benefits of link earning while working as in-house marketers for hundreds of B2C and B2N corporation. Within a period of 10 years, we learned to increase incoming links exponentially for any brand or vertical.

Results were literally off the chart!

In creating Earned Links, we have built a sophisticated results driven company that we—as white-hat SEO link builders—wished had existed during the early years of e-commerce.

We work closely with industry leaders to implement link earning strategies that lead to impressive traffic increases. Our founders, Craig and Tom, have been invited on several occasions to lead other digital marketing agencies SEO teams but our vision has allowed us to stay focused on creating ground breaking tactics instead of gaining huge pay check(this was harder than it sounds).

Our values, beliefs and quirks

Our guiding principle is “Quality Links are everything in SEO”

Our company motto is “Quality Links are Everything in SEO.” (We define a “links” as being an acquisition of high value authority links that last years and measurably impact a client’s bottom-line.)

This isn’t just a platitude. Many newcomers to our operations are surprised at how obsessive we are about link earning. Wins(gaining Authority Links) take priority over absolutely everything else in our processes:

  • We focus more on client wins than we do on our own profit (because we’re confident that client growth is a strong indicator of the long-term health of our organization).
  • We optimize our consultants’ link building training so they spend 100% of their time growing your backlink profile. Our team members are encouraged to work remotely, and minimize travel time, because we believe that an hour spent on commuting is never as fruitful as an hour spent doing link building 7 earning for you. (This is possible only thanks to the recent proliferation of web based interaction & collaborative tools and software.)
  • We do not seek fame or awards. No judge is as qualified as your bottom line in evaluating our effectiveness. An excellent link profile is the ultimate reward for us. In fact, in a digital world where everything should be measured, it confounds us that some link building companies get star struck by awards, yet don’t demand evidence about lasting backlink acquisitions.
  • We don’t hide sub par work in needless reporting and “ horse-and-pony shows”. Our link earning consultants’ expertise is our most valuable resource, and our type of clients would rather spend their time getting valuable deep links than swinging clubs or schmoozing over meals.
  • We perform no outbound sales activities and we do not pitch for work. Our success has come from the value of our unique and secretive services, and our clients are our best sales people.

We’ve been told by several company owners that this a somewhat shortsighted approach and is not a good way to approach scalability. But it makes us what we are. We do not see quantity asd a goal. We value success and wins. It’s ultimately intellectually appealing for us, and it has proven to be hugely successful for our business partners.

Our other values

  • Provide link earning strategies and consulting that is easy to measure and implement. No filler-material or “smoke and mirrors”
  • Help all clients dominate their niche vertical and work only with companies whom have the same ambitions.
  • Treat every business and and our link building approach as though it were our own.
  • We give the same advice we would give our best friends to our clients.
  • Tell the truth, even if that’s not what clients want to hear.

Once you’re our client, you can expect to

  • Work with link builders that seek to understand your organization and provide the best advice.
  • Receive a link earning service that is efficient, professional , and productive.
  • Have your confidentiality maintained secret pre and post engagement.
  • Receive an excellent (ROI)return on investment.
  • Get any and all concerns addressed promptly.

EarnedLinks will regularly reach out to you to ensure we’re meeting the above expectations.

And we expect you to

  • Provide us honest feedback, both the bad and good (Particularly the bad.)
  • Be prepared to receive incredible link earning insights
  • Have the ability to adapt to the increase in traffic.
  • Be serious about wanting to grow your business.
  • Ask all questions no matter what.

Our partners

We are certified partners of many software platforms, including Google Analytics, Visual, Wordstream, Website Optimizer, Optimizely, IBM Watson, Salesforce, Infusion Soft and Keyword Studio.

Our chosen charity

We created quakerelief.org, and we operate this non-profit for little return to assist victims of earthquakes and other natural disasters worldwide. We pass 93% of the proceeds directly to families and children in need due to natural disasters globally.

So, how can we help you?

How-to guides


Our selection of easy reading will familiarize you with important tools and topics.

To explore these helpful resources, click here.

Work with us

If you want us to work on your website personally and dramatically improve its profitability, visit our “Link Building Services” page and then contact us for more information.