The Best Keyword Tools for SEO Research

The problem SEOs face when doing keyword research is that it’s complicated and it takes a really long time, typically three to 20 or more hours per site. Much of that time is wasted struggling with spreadsheets when you could be focused on finding the most profitable keywords niches your site can win on. It doesn’t need to be that way. That’s why we curated this best keyword tools list, so you can quickly and easily build professional keywords strategies and then move on to your next client project or just get back to growing your business.

In no time, you’ll be easily building profitable, professional keywords strategies in a fraction of the time.  below is a quick list of our favorite keyword research tools that we use every day here at Earned Links.

  • MOZ Keyword Explorer
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Sh*tter
  • Keyword Studio
  • Ubbersuggest
  • SEMRush
  • Ahrefs
  • Spyfu

moz-best-keyword-research-toolsMOZ Keyword Explorer

If your work involved keyword research, check out Keyword Explorer, from Moz. It gives you more and better results in less time. You can easily get the search volume, difficulty, and opportunity scores for thousands of keywords, and download the data for further analysis. Compare yourself to the competition and get a comprehensive list of keywords from the largest English language database on the web.


There’s so many more features, options, filters, sorts, lists. Go check out Keyword Explorer today.

The MOZ Keyword Explorer SEO Research Tool is a new SEO keyword tool for 2017 and is marketed by Rand Fishkin himself as the:

Largest high-quality keyword database, real time suggestions, accurate … workflow make Keyword Explorer the best SEO keyword research tool on the web.


semrush-keyword-tool-best-screen-shotSEMrush Keyword Tools

SEMrush markets itself as the world’s leading competitive data for digital marketing professionals and we are hard pressed to disagree.

With more than 129 million domains and 29 regional databases, SEMrush is the world’s leading digital marketing tool. Over 1 million users have trusted SEMrush with their desktop and mobile analytics and also with their historical data dating back all the way to January of 2012.

SEMrush has impressive tools like their site audit tool which allows you to monitor your website’s health. Try their position tracking tool to receive daily updates on SEO and PPC campaigns.

Use their best social media management tools to discover what your competitors are using to engage their audience. Check out their other projects like SEO ideas, brand monitoring, backlink audit, PPC keyword tools, organic traffic insights and more.   See why SEMrush is the world’s leading competitive intelligence suite today.


Ahrefs Keyword Research Tool

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer : Here’s the problem. You invested tons of time and money to create a great website so you could get new customers online but nobody’s coming to it because they can’t find you on search engines. Instead, they’re finding all your competitors. There they are, ranking at the top of the search results, getting all the customers you’re trying to attract. Meanwhile, the beautiful website that you’ve built is getting no traffic, leads, or sales.

How are you ever going to outrank your competitors? Easy. You use Ahrefs, the platform that shows you exactly why your competitors are ranking so high and what you need to do to outrank them. Ahrefs will show you all the key words that are bringing traffic to your competitors, every website linking to your competitors and boasting their positions in search, every SEO link building company mistake you’re making on your own website and how to fix them, automatic reports that track your website’s new backlinks and ranking improvements.

Ahrefs takes the guess work out of SEO. You will learn what, exactly, you need to do to outrank your competitors. Over 600,000 users all over the world have used Ahrefs to rank higher in search engines. Start your free 14 day trial and improve your SEO game.


Keyword Studio Research Tool

How do you use Keyword Studio? It’s easy. First, in a matter of minutes build your initial massive keyword list by automatically importing from the most important keyword sources including Google Web Master tools, Google Analytics and SEMrush for competitive keywords. Also, easily import with copy and paste from Google’s Keyword planner and Keyword Studio’s built-in database. All sources are automatically merged into one list that contains no duplicate keywords, and your search volume and cost per click values are automatically included, no more painful data merging.

Plus, your keywords are automatically grouped into page-ready groups and are displayed in an easy to understand hierarchy using our unique patent pending grouping block technology. Now you can relax and easily make sense of the complicated relationships between keyword themes, then refine your list. Simply select a group you’re considering targeting with just a click and easily view just the keyword groups you’ve selected. Want to make some changes? See two or more groups you want to target on the same page? Click and drag and you’re done. Want to remove some groups? You can. Plus, easily delete or even add individual keywords.

Finally, assign each group to a page on your site and your keyword research is complete. Want to make data driven decision to ensure profitability of your SEO campaign? No problem, you have all the most important information at your fingertips. Take advantage of Keyword Studio’s unique search volume totals on each grouping block to instantly see how many total searches there are for the keywords in any group, then effortlessly compare groups to find the best opportunities.

Want to know if your site is strong enough to outrank the competition for any keyword? Keyword Studio tells you. With just a glance, compare your target pages page authority strength to the average page authority strength of the competition. Now you can make high confidence decisions regarding which keywords you can successfully compete for. So you might be thinking, can I use keywords Studio to do longtail keywords research? Do local or geographic keywords research? Find keywords for blog posts, layout or expand architecture, plan microsite or even use it during the sales process to win more SEO business? Yes, you can.
Plus, top SEOs trust it. Ready to start saving time with keywords Studio? Click add to cart on this page and take advantage of their 30-day, no risk, money back guarantee.