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Link Building Service Packages

Our process is one based on keyword ranking science and not authority metrics.

Why? We don’t believe in just selling High Metric Backlinks with great DA and trusted authority. We believe in providing lifts in actual rankings and that’s it.

That is all we care about.

We approach everything from a “what’s currently ranking for that keyword on Google” first. Once we identify the sites that are already ranking for the exact keywords you want we dissect, analyze and improve on the tactics and sites that have already proven to drive high Google rankings.

What does this mean?
This means that if a site that out ranks you has 33 “low DA links from topically relevant places” we do the same. Only… just with the added power of leveraging our knowledge of what the almighty Google interprets as a high authority rank. To delve deeper into what that is exactly takes us to a place of proprietary knowledge. However, the proof is in the pudding so to speak and our linking and link building campaigns drive substantial and lasting ranking improvements in the exact time frame we say they will.

We offer several link building company solutions/ packages and we have outlines of each as its value to you.

Link Building Packages

What do you want?

An answer to the above question will direct what packages may work best for you.

⦁ Do you need more Trust Flow?
⦁ Do you want more Domain Authority?
⦁ Would you like to be #1-3 for all of your keywords?
⦁ Would you like to rank higher in Google search for specific keywords?

This shows the site has great market authority and is poised to gain rankings for buyer-oriented keywords with some additional effort.


I want more Domain Authority:

Great, you know you need more DA and PA to move the needle and we have just the link building packages for that. Our Domain Authority Magnet Package is the best way to attract white-hat high value links to your website.

This affordable link building package is  priced at $1,000-$3,000(competitive dependent rates) a month for 6 months and includes our exclusive link earning strategy. The basics of which are that we identify content that will be worthy of links, we handle the research, creation and promotion of this content on your website. We then notify highly targeted potential authors of its existence.

The result is a natural link magnet that earns you quality links for years to come. In recent months our clients have received “100% ethical Merit-Based” backlinks from sites like Oracle, Business 2 Community and thousands of others, all without financial incentives.

To learn more about this process you can read more here.


I need more Trusted Links.

The TRUST FLOW BOOSTER Starter is our package that delivers an increase from 0 to 10 Trust Flow points over the course of 5 months, and this package is only $500 per domain/mo.

The TRUST FLOW BOOSTER Premium is our package that delivers an increase of 10-20 Trust Flow points over the course of 5 months, and this package is only $1,000 per domain/mo.

The TRUST FLOW BOOSTER Ultra is our package that delivers an increase of 20-30 Trust Flow points over the course of 5 months, and this package is only $1,500 per domain/mo.

Higher TF starting and finishing KPI’s are available simply request a custom quote based of your current website’s Trust Flow and your desired Trust Flow.  You can learn more about our link building process and approach to Majestic TF, CF, and TTF read more here.


I know the exact keywords, and I want higher Google rankings fast.

Monthly Payment Option
Fantastic news, you already know what you want and we have developed just the product that moves the rankings needle with safe and effective “Competitive Ranking Processes” as mentioned above. This is billed in 2 ways, one is a monthly progression billed monthly at $300 a keyword and these packages require a 6 month commitment and gradually raise your rankings over 1-3 months and then solidify with barricading link building the remainder of the engagement to insure lasting positions.

One-Time Payment Option
If your ranking improvement need is quicker than within the 6 month time frame you can opt to pay a flat fee per keyword and we will boost you to the top 1-3 spots within 1-3 months. Depending on your competition’s authority development efforts, is how long your rankings will last. However, 9-12 month duration at the top 1-3 spots are normal and 3 of those months are guaranteed.

This package also requires admin access to your website or CMS because it leverages intense internal linking strategies that to support the off-site linking campaign to insure the rankings you deserve are acquired and kept.


I want to be THE AUTHORITY, I want top rankings for all keywords

We are excited to offer THE AUTHORITY exclusive link building packages for sophisticated businesses that have clear goals and want success. Our THE AUTHORITY products are monthly retainer packages that allow you to “steer-the-ship”.

Our link building experts will find the best links across the web from your industry and other topically relevant sectors and do what it takes to get you visibility above your competitors for any topically relevant phrases. There are no keyword limits, so you select what you want and each month we do our absolute best to deliver increases across the board on all the terms you want.

The difficulty is based on domain level competition and is priced at affordable terms with a minimum 6 month commitment.

THE AUTHORITY, Monthly – No Keyword Limit – Get Your Pricing

Your rates are based on each domain you suggested might benefit from stronger backlinks.

You can enjoy even more savings by combining several websites into a custom THE AUTHORITY 6 month package.


Authority Development Strategy and Services

We will craft a custom link development strategy tailored to the unique needs of your website and targeted audience, leveraging competitor research and your ranking authority profile. This strategy identifies the best sources for link acquisition, proper anchor text distribution and uncovers the most effective approaches to improving your site’s standings for targeted search phrases. The strategy serves as a roadmap for your off-page SEO efforts.

EarnedLinks creates advanced link building services and link earning campaigns through cutting-edge techniques supported by the search engines. We may employ some of the following powerful methods for your campaign:

  • Content Promotion and Outreach
  • Backlink Removal and Disavow
  • Poor Quality Content Recovery
  • Business Profiles and Listings
  • Custom Authority Websites
  • Linking Asset Marketing
  • Custom Text Links
  • Content Strategies
  • Press Releases

We go a step further to proactively protect your link profile with monthly monitoring and pre-emptive actions.

  1. Monitor  Suspicious Traffic That Leads To Website Penalties
  2. Monitor Incoming BackLinks to Retain Natural Power
  3. Disavowal of Low-Quality Back Links
  4. Monitor Internal Link Structure