Link building strategy is like great art.

It evokes a feeling and the longer you gaze… the more you see.


How many times have you seen the Dutch artist Vermeer’s the Astronomer?




Well, let’s takes a gander…together.




Does it not evoke some sort of fixation at the simple beauty of the blues and yellows?


Now, try to remember the way you felt sorting through your competitors backlinks and you found your first “linking strategy pattern” that revealed itself as not only clever but ethical.



You see, the best link building is beautiful not only in a raw authority development KPI based metric, but also in its simplicity.


I’d like to tell you about a secret link building strategy that I discovered while fighting my way through the trenches of SEO back in the early 2000’s.


There I was a full time auto parts distributor, full time PPC manager and a SEO consultant for other brands.  I was more or less stumbling my way through SEO and link building theory but was making a living and I relished the challenges of the “wild west” feel of the internet and ecommerce.


I had just been struck a huge blow with a copyright infringement case against two of the world’s largest car and truck exhaust manufactures and every domain that I had poured 3 years of effort into ranking were taken away in a blink of an eye.


I had to rebuild…again.


I was not new to failure.


In fact it seemed every year back then I was guilty of spammy backlink practices “ imagine forum posting bots” and was having to reinvent the wheel every 9 months or so.  I was beaten…tired…and pissed about all of the “hard work” I had put into those sites.

I was done with black hat SEO I decided and was now going to go full white hat or die trying.  Ok well not die but I would defiantly gamble going full white hat and trust I would invent new ways to build rankings with backlinks.


I started with identifying the major players in my vertical (industry for the non-collegiate marketing students).  I then would spend days following the rabbit hole of their backlink profiles and how they went about attaining their links.


Eventually patterns begin to reveal themselves and the rest is history.   But just like the art the longer I looked the more was revealed.


If you want step by step instructions how to build backlinks check out the link building services company if you would like to hire a link building consultant you may want to consider hiring myself Craig McConnel or Eric ward (the link Moses).




Craig McConnel is founder and CEO of Webspand, an Arizona-based Organic SEO agency. He is an experienced SEO strategist and Google Adwords PPC expert. He is also one of the top 3 link building experts in the USA and manages the paid search for the digital marketing agency, Digital Current.