link-earning-servicesLink Earning Tutorial Guide 2015-2016

Link building is not the best strategy for SEO, it is quickly being replaced by link earning.


Link Earning: The Ultimate Guide in 2015 to Link Earning & Building Backlinks

What is Link Earning?

Link earning or “earned links” are backlinks that your content receives without any requests or paid placements. An earned link according to Matt Cutts, is based purely on merit and is the definition of white hat SEO and natural link building according to Google.

In fact, the Google Webmaster Guidelines states

Natural links to your site develop as part of the dynamic nature of the web when other sites find your content valuable and think it would be helpful for their visitors. Unnatural links to your site are placed there specifically to make your site look more popular to search engines.”

Why should you start Link Earning?

Value, my friend…value!

Did you know that one authority link from an industry relevant online publication or thought leader is worth more than a link on Forbes or Yahoo finance?  No seriously, this is the case time and time again; and we have the data to prove it.

Below you will find two graphs that show two different websites in the same vertical. Both were brand new domains with less than 30 days of indexed content and both had the same URL structure, content(spun similar), and the same pictures labeled with the same keywords(albeit in different orders).


Science…test it!

The Hypothesis was that great content will attract or EARN higher quality links than a paid link or brand mention from Forbes.   We created identical posts on social to promote each page of the 10 page sites 1 time within the first month. The only difference was that one site received 1 page of incredible link bait formulated specificly to earn links. The other website received a nice shiny $3,000 backlink from a Forbes article.  These custom link acquisitions are based on established relationships with contributors and authors for these publications that allow us to fulfill such lofty link targets for our clients.

Then we waited. At first it seemed there was little difference at all the amount of keyword queries in Google webmaster Tools were the same and traffic and impressions stayed the same. This went on for about 45 days. To be honest we forgot about the test. Then the interesting data begin to pour in.

The brand with received the Forbes link did well but the “link earning post” site started to index for a ton of keywords and most were on page 3-6. This was in sharp contrast to the Forbes linked site that was indexed on pages 14-20 in the SERPs.



Another month went by and we were able to take inventory of the backlinks for each project. Our earned link building strategy netted 90% less link in quantity but the few links it did receive were authority monsters. By now the discrepancies in rankings were much clearer and the earned links site was the clear winner. We have gone on to test this with our own private servers as well as with our existing clients and the same results appear time and time again.


Link earning was way more effective at driving high quality traffic to content than paids links ever will be. And you know what, Google knows this. You cannot fake the funk so to speak, your either naturally legit or just an algorithm update away from ruin. The choice is clear Earned link building is the best and most affordable strategy to implement into your SEO methodology.

When should you start link earning?

Link building in 2015-2016 has changed from the past when WordPress comment spam and directories could get many brands 1st page rankings on Google search results. Focusing on earning quality links from the mindset of buying backlinks as link building is the first step. Rome was not built in a day and you should not just abandon your current link development strategies. However, you might want to start planning the next quarter’s link building budget to include earned link acquisition methods from your SEO agency or in house SEO team.

Link Earning is the only 100% sure fire way to insure you will never receive a Google penalty and lose your precious traffic. It is natural, white-hat organic SEO, and Google encourages all webmasters and SEO experts alike to earn links. On top of this link earning is more effective than paid backlink building strategies in gaining higher search engine rankings and more quality traffic to your content.

In Short 2015-2016 is the year of change for link building and earned links are the clear winner from a ROI value view point.


Who are the link earning experts?

First and foremost, credit must be given where credit is due. Eric Ward is the “link moses” of natural link building and has been the earned link evangelist since before Google every named an update after a harmless animal. In fact over the years Eric has taught us a lot of what we know about building high quality backlinks for our clients. If you can afford him you may want to have a chat with him.

Next we have to through our hat into the ring. EarnedLinks is the industry thought leader in link building services and link earning packages.   Not only does EarnedLinks have patent pending methodologies, but they are also ranked number one by Google for backlinks, link building and of-course link earning. We feel that our best advertising comes from our clients and that is why we are proud to call Nascar, Google, and 1000’s of other brands as trusted clients.

For the more budget minded SEO agency looking for a white label linking solution, check out Digital Current. This fast growing link building company offers content based link development strategies that are perfect for those seeking more affordable monthly link development packages.

How do I earn links?

That is a great question and boy do we have some goodies for you. For the first time ever we are going to share one of our top link earning strategies for you to get started right away.

If content is king then backlinks are his older, better, stronger, smarter, and more likeable brother that passed on the job. One good earned link is worth 100 built links, and one GREAT EARNED LINK is worth 1,000 typical link building package backlinks.

So we know that our authority development must be earned let’s focus our attention on how it is done.

Identify Link Targets

Ask yourself the following to brainstorm your target media outlets that may potentially mention your brand on their website.

  • Who wants to link to my content?
  • Where are my competitors getting link from? (which look earned?)
  • What topical themes tend to need “source” links?

Identify linkable content topics.

Narrow down the list with metrics for search volume, CTR, and any other KPI’s you are internally tracking.(You are measuring success with Key performance Indicators, right?)

Hey wait a minute isn’t this just content marketing?