The EarnedLinks Scholarship Program

  • What – $600
  • When – Every Semester 2016-2019
  • How – Write an Essay & Post it Online


One of the most difficult decisions students make is to work or not while pursuing their college degree. If any young adult had their druthers… of course, dedicating a full time effort to the education experience is the avenue we would all take. We did not have this opportunity. Sure we took out student loans and now earn a living building links as link builders  However it took years to pay off those student loans that were not out-right grants.

We would like to give you the opportunity to have a better time at school and worry less about financial responsibilities.

When we started school we were not lucky enough to earn grants and scholarships so we didn’t have to worry about paying for college. We wished we had the opportunity to instead focus all of mour spare time on our small business, freelance link building or college life.

We want to provide an opportunity to help you enjoy your college years more. That’s why we are announcing the EarnedLinks free scholarship that is available to 1 lucky student every semester in 2016. This $500 individual scholarship can be used any way you wish to better your college life or entrepreneurial endeavors.

Here’s what you need to know before you apply:

  • Who can apply – Any registered student attending a any university or community college.
  • How do you apply – Write and post a one-page essay on what you plan on doing in marketing with the help EarnedLinks, business or advertising after you graduate from school hosted website you have access to with a link to us here.
  • Deadline – This is a thrice yearly scholarship, each semester the winners will be selected by December 3rd, March 3rd and September 3rd of each year. If you are interested in a scholarship, apply 30 days before the deadline.


If you are interested in a scholarship please email your one page essay and the link to where you posted it to with your name, college you are attending, your major, the year you plan on graduating, and your personal contact information.

Winners of this digital marketing scholarship will be notified by December 6th March 6th and September 6th each year. The EarnedLinks nomination committee will pick 1 member each yearly semester based on the above requirements.