Linking Authority Metrics for KPI driven rankings

Linking Value / Link Building Value:  The value of a text link pointing to your website from another is a matter worth your consideration.  Some metrics that we use internally for backlink valuation KPI’s are DA, CF, TF, and Link Spam Score.

All of these metrics are ways to represent the true value of an authority link building service, which is authority.

Authority Link Building KPIs

  • TF (Trust Flow)
  • CF (Citation Flow)
  • TTF (Topical Trust Flow)

  • PageRank (PR)

MOZ Authority –

  • DA Domain Authority
  • PA Page Authority
  • Moztrust
  • Mozrank


 Majestic Authority Metrics

  1. TF (Trust Flow)
  2. CF (Citation Flow)
  3. TTF (Topical Trust Flow)


Majestic Trust Flow

Majestic Trust Flow (TF) is a “trademarked website scoring system based on quality” and it too resides in a nice and neat 0-100 scale.  This model attempts to display the value of a domain based on how many steps away it is away from the Majestic Million seed sites.  These sites make up the basis of the TrustFlow metric and can be used to benchmark your website against.

Authority is passed through a trusted site in direct proportion to how far down in the trust link-chain the targeted website exists as compared to the Majestic Million.

Think of Trust flow like the ole’ 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon separation. The more degrees you are away from Kevin Bacon the less trust flow you have.  The Majestic Million is the Kevin bacon and TF is your score of how far away you are from a direct connection with Kevin bacon.

If you want to learn more about trust flow theory check out.

If you think one or more of your company’s domains need more Majestic Trust Flow then consider purchasing our TRUST FLOW BOOSTER link building packages.  With Earned Links you can approach Trust Flow link building services from a KPI metric standpoint to plan you budget on hard numbers.

Majestic Topical Trust Flow

Majestic Topical Trust Flow helps you find out topicality and categorization of a domains trust.  As a marketing speaker, I call them verticals but online you may call it industry specific authority and influence. The scale based metric of 0-99 demonstrates the relative influence of a web page, subdomain or root domain in certain topics or categories.

Majestic Citation Flow

The Citation Flow (CF) score which ranges on a 100 scale is used to measure the power or strength of a certain website or backlink.   When used together with Trust Flow the complete majestic Algorithm is in effect. CF predicts how powerful a URL might be for a backlink based on how many other websites are linking to it.

Google Page Rank

PR by Google:  Google PageRank was a 1-9 scale of value that Google used as a metric to internally asses a websites’ perceived value to the search engine.  This value influenced the ranking algorithms substantially but to date an actual “percentage of causation” has yet to be published online.   Typically if you could acquire a backlink from a high PR domain you would see a correlative rise in rankings to the page of your website the link is pointing to.  This is called “pushing authority” or “authority development”.


In late 2009 Google confirmed that they had retired the metric and would no longer be updating their API for the PR Tool bar.  However, it is this freelance SEO writer’s belief that PR is still alive and well.  However, it no longer is available for public consumption.  Much like referring keywords and ranking keywords in GSC Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) were removed from public accessibility.

An argument that PR is still a valid signal could be made…

In 2016 PR is still a linking signal we should look at when vetting outreach prospects.  If you’re linking strategy calls for some guest posts than you may want to add the PageRank KPI to your link acquisition strategy.  At a minimum a website with PR of 1 or more has proof that it has existed longer than 5-6 years and therefore may carry some weight in the ranking process under the hood at Google HQ.

Moz Authority Metrics

  1. DA Domain Authority
  2. PA Page Authority
  3. MozRank
  4. MozTrust


Moz Domain Authority

Moz DA (Domain Authority) – MOZ, formerly SEOmoz is an online SEO community and forum that pulls from all experience levels. -

Domain Authority ranges on a 1-100 scale.  Unlike Google PageRank, which is measured on a 1-10 variable. DA is sold as a prediction of the strength of a website and how it well it ranks over time.  It is an aggregate of several ranking factors such as:

  • Root Linking Domains
  • Total Number of Links
  • MozRank
  • MozTrust

Moz Page Authority

Moz PA (Page Authority) – PA is the predictive ranking strength of individual page on your website.


What is Mozrank



Follow up Question- What are guidelines or best practices for the value of domains for linking prospecting.

We believe that for a link to have any substantial ranking value it must have a DA over 20 and TF over 15.  Of course this is the minimum amount of authority you will want to target and higher values will drive better returns in Google rank and new custo9mer traffic.