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Top Benefits of Press Releases
Press releases are just as relevant today as they were in the past. Media has changed along with technology, but press releases are still one of the best ways to spread the word about new products, services and businesses. The following are some of the benefits of press release distribution.

Works for All Industries
Press releases are great for small retailers, large corporations and online groups. No matter the size or type of business, this is a valuable way to get the media’s attention. Well-written releases are used in magazines, websites, blogs and more. This is a standard way to spread important information.

Inexpensive Advertisement
Press releases are low cost and easy to write. Businesses do not have to spend a lot of money on a digital advertisement or banner, invest in billboards or other expensive types of advertising. Instead, all you need is to write the release and send it.

Build Visibility
Press releases are great because they build a business’s branding. Customers can learn about different groups and what they have to offer. Additionally, if a blog or magazine editor sees the business’s name every so often, they are likely to remember this and mention them in the future.

Build Reputation as an Industry Expert
Consumers trust experts in an industry. Well-written press releases present a business as an expert in the field. This means that people are more likely to purchase goods and services after reviewing the release. Media professionals may even look to you for comments, quotes and information, which further builds a brand.

Reach a Wide Audience
Concise, informative and interesting press releases are passed around throughout the world. Often, you email or mail out a release and media groups use it for a variety of websites or publications. This gives you more bang for your buck and builds buzz. After a while, consumers will remember seeing your business’s name.

The Internet Means More Consumers
Back in the day, press releases were limited to print publications. Now, the Internet means that there are tons of websites, social networking sites and blogs for press releases to be published on. Millions of people consume information online, which means a press release can push more people to a business website.

Investors Will Notice
Investors want to support up and coming businesses. Press releases highlight a business’s history, growth potential and products or services. Thus, they become a great tool if you want to find investors in addition to consumers.

In many ways, press releases have been rejuvenated by the Internet. The key is to create relevant, interesting and catchy content that will be spread between various websites, blogs and users. With the click of a button, releases can be sent to many outlets and then shared and reshared. Press releases are a low cost way to advertise a company’s latest offerings as well as catch the eye of editors, investors and industry experts. Information builds a brand’s buzz and attracts customers to a website. For anyone who thought press releases were over, think again. The Digital Age is making these releases even more important and essential to small businesses and large corporations around the world.