Press Releases and Their Importance

The SEO Press Release Purpose

In many businesses, press releases can be a useful tool if you know how to use them in the right way. Knowing how and why you should be using press release distribution services like EarnedLinks  is going to be beneficial to your organization and the way you conduct it, which is why this article is jam-packed with information to help you better understand PR usage.

Today, you will learn how to get great high-quality white hat links, why these guest post service links are so great, and how you can make your Google rankings improve immediately.

Press Release: a Definition

A press release is most often known as an article that is going to be released to the press. Typically, these articles cover things like new features, new businesses, and newsworthy events that are happening to the brand.

When the press release is written, it can be sent to various new organizations who can publish that story or create a new story from the original article. When a press release is used, it results in a website, news story, or brand that often is mentioned or localy cited/ covered on various news sites across a certain region.

Using Links

Publishing a press release results in links, and they are often fantastic. Often, they are from higher quality news sites, and they are often powerful as well. High domain authority links can develop more authority or “link-juice” to your website, and when this distribution happens on various new channels, you get hundreds of these links everywhere.

Importance of Links

When these links are found, they can be vastly important for your website. Here are a few things that these backlinks and brand mentions are useful for:

Foundation of Authority

Each site needs a starting link which gives announces your content to real sites with relevant traffic. In the real world, this can be seen through the starting of business, the major news publication of the press release, and the website gaining views. The press release is beneficial to giving high quality boosts on search engine result pages like Google.

Diversity in Link Profile

Having too many links with one main keyword or several similar anchor texts often can results in something called Google Penguin penalties for link building. This is one reason why many SEOs are concerned about outreach as a strategy in general. However, a press release is a great way to get natural anchor text links that help provide your portfolio, so to speak, with more diverse links. When you start to build guest posts or high DA authority links, you can and some argue…should,  better keep track of your anchor text ratios.

Using a Press Release

Why would you want to use a press release? Here are a few scenarios that might be useful in your decision making.


Many people choose to use press releases as a way to provide an immediate increase in rank through the entire URL. It is similar to your online reputation management, but it is made for non-reputation management niche types.  If they are clean and merit given like PR announcements they will increase your organic search visibility.

Anchor Text Diversity

Like it was mentioned before, diversity links in a press release help avoid Google link spam (Penguin) over optimization manual actions and provide you with a wider array of links.


Press releases typically rank well, almost right away. Your online reputation management depends on these high authority websites that include your specific brand on them before a competitor or disgruntled customer has a chance to.

Get at least one for each site

Using a press release as the basis of your website’s foundation is a great way to get strong links involved to give your website that jump start it needs to get indexed in Google quickly from trusted news outlets.

Use naked or brand anchors only

When trying to avoid penguin penalties, it is always recommended to use brand anchors or naked anchors to get started.

Use an authority site or second property site as a link

You can have up to three links in a press release often times, which opens up other news related PR possibilities. It is recommended to use links to non-competing sites or property like a Facebook page or YouTube press release video or some other social profile your local service business participates in actively.  Linking to dead or non-active profiles is a poor strategy a best and potentially harmful at worst.

Reporting (SEO Agencies)

If you want professional white-label link building management with straight to client reporting looks great to clients. Why? Well, your clients will see your name in major publications and news sources like NBC, ABC, FOX, and more. This provides your clients with a trustworthy brand they can depend on.


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Setting up a press release doesn’t have to be difficult, and it can be rewarding for your business as well. All questions you may have can be answered in the comments below. Are you ready to get started with your press release?