6 Key Steps To Ensure Your Link Building Strategy Is A Success



Link Building Strategy: For any SEO campaign to be truly effective, it must have links, which is why link building must be included in your SEO strategy. And, it most definitely needs to be added to your company’s growth strategy.




Links lead traffic to your site. And, if you’re to be successful, you must incorporate holistic SEO into your link building strategy.  How do links help? They increase domain authority ranking of your web page in search engine results.  With backlinks, you get additional referral traffic to the site. A link is designed to send you to pages you may also like viewing.


If you use this strategy, it can lead to audience growth and put links on sites that can lead to more traffic to your website.


6 Steps To Incorporate A Successful Link Building Strategy


Learn Who Your Audience Is


In order to see growth in your audience, you must learn how to make the audience numbers grow or seek out a new audience.  It’s important to know who your current audience is and what your ideal audience really is.  This means you must do your homework on your current and prospective audiences.


For example, Yoast.com consisted mainly of web developers but wanted to reach a wider audience base that included WordPress users. The website altered its content to incorporate the new group and placed links on other websites to capture their attention.


Create A Website List – Ones That Your Target Audience Like


Once you “know” who your current and prospective audiences are, you can create a list of websites that can assist you in reaching out to them. Find those sites that they like and get links from them so you can become “relevant” to the audience.


Develop Eye-Appealing, Outstanding Content


If you want other websites to link back to your material, you must have content that’s off the charts. You want to appeal to those site owners as well as the audience you’re trying to get attention from. Be sure articles are written well with no spelling or grammar mistakes. You also want the article to flow and be easy to read.


Choose Websites That Match Your Content


After you’ve developed an amazing post, you should look at your list of websites to see which ones would want to link to the article. If you use the long-tail keyword approach, you may have a minute number of websites that will want a link. Take some time to find websites that fit the main idea of your article. These websites should have similar content to your article and want to link back to your page. Visitors that come to your website will follow the link, increasing the chances of conversions and more visits.


Make The Effort To Reach Out


As much effort as you put into writing your content and finding websites that relate to the material, you need to make the effort to reach out to the website administrator. Make them aware of the material you’ve written, ask them to write about the material and offer a link back to it.


The majority of folks are more than willing to make a post about your service if they think they’re getting something for free. This is one secret way expert marketing agencies and SEO link building service providers get white-hat links for your site.  While you can email them, go the extra mile by contacting them through social media or by phone. If you make it personal, they’re more likely to respond in a positive manner.


Make Use Of Social Media


If you have original content that’s been structured well, you can ascertain a new audience and links using your social media accounts as a supplemental link building campaign . Consider tweeting about the blog, sending them specifically to people you know would benefit from the material. Make a Facebook post about it, uploading a link and making it public. You could even promote the material. When people tweet, like or share your posts, you’re going to get more links.  Check out our list of the best social media tools to help you save time.


What Does It All Mean?


Successful link building will help you grow – to reach out to a new audience and lead them to your website. And, with this, comes the added benefit of ranking higher in Google’s search engine results. Remember, if you view link building strategy as the way to connect with other sites and attain some of their visitors, then you’re doing this correctly.